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New Skills in 2014: Grow your own Food

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New Skills for a New Future: Short Courses for 2014

New Skills in 2014: Timber Frame Building

We have a host of exciting short courses taking place at CAT in 2014, and up until the end of January there’s 10% off! One of our most popular courses is Timber Frame Building, a five day course from 31st March to the the 4th April 2014.  This course is for anyone interested in sustainable construction, timber buildings and building your own home. This course particularly welcomes participants from NGOs working in development, self-builders, construction teachers, individuals looking to... Read More ››

ZCBlog: The Story of Human Beings and Energy

Humanity’s relationship with energy presents us with some big challenges, not only for our technology, but also for our culture, society and democracy. In his recent article for Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, Paul Allen, the Zero Carbon Britain Project Officer, takes a look at how this relationship evolved and exactly where it went wrong. The extraordinary story of humans and energy began over 400 million years ago with the formation of fossil fuels. For thousands of years human societies... Read More ››

New Skills in 2014: Grow your own Food

We have a host of exciting new short courses taking place at CAT in the new year – if you fancy learning something new in 2014, then how about techniques for growing your own food? This is a day course that starts in the morning of the 5th of April.  So why is it important to grow your own vegetables and what can we learn? This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners, to learn about organic... Read More ››

High Hopes after Record Breaking Month for Wind Power

A clear success story for UK wind power this December, re-establishing its potential as a powerful force in the UK . The future looks promising for the growth of wind power thanks to bad weather conditions and howling wind.  Overall, a total of over 2.8m MWh of electricity was provided to the National Grid over the course of the month, enough to power more than 5.7 million UK homes. Moreover, wind power met 10% of total electricity demand during... Read More ››

Low Carbon Living: Spiced Apple Cobbler

Using calculations being developed for Laura’s Larder, we’ve created a low-carbon Christmas feast. This week’s blog is the last of the three courses and features the low carbon dessert: Spiced Apple Cobbler. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these blogs and have fun trying out the recipes. Look out for more Laura’s Larder/food related blogs in the New Year, but for now – Nadolig Llawen / Merry Christmas! Spiced Apple Cobbler Serves 8 Ingredients 1.5kg Apples 60g Sugar 2tsp Ginger... Read More ››

CAT alumni launch School Farm Community Supported Agriculture

CAT alumni, Jenny Gellatly and Melissa Harvey, form half of the all woman team launching a crowd funding campaign to grow the UK’s only organically certified, no-dig community farm based in Totnes. School Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which is based on the Dartington Estate, operates as a not-for-profit social enterprise providing fresh, organic vegetables, grown using low-carbon methods. Jenny and Melissa, who had both worked at CAT at different times, but became friends through the extended CAT family,... Read More ››

New Skills in 2014: Build a Green Roof

We have a host of exciting new short courses taking place at CAT in the new year – if you fancy learning something new in 2014 then how about building your own green roof? This course will run from the 28th till the 30th of March.  What’s to learn from green roofs and why are they important?  This in-depth, practical course which will take you through the process of designing and building an ‘extensive’ green roof (which, unlike ‘intensive’... Read More ››

Recycling Building Materials: Historic buildings win the day.

This article has been written by Alex Maccioni. Alex is one of the founders of JunkWize, a London rubbish clearance company that aims to recycle as much rubbish as possible. Homes built before the 1950s are almost invariably better suited to the modern desire for a circular economy than homes built since then. My colleagues and I have come to this surprising conclusion after two years working in the waste and recycling sector in London. This point has been... Read More ››

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