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New Skills in 2014: Grow your own Food

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New Skills for a New Future: Short Courses for 2014

Laura’s Larder: thinking about the greenhouse gas emissions connected to our food

Nowadays, many people think about the impact their food has on the environment, as well as how healthy it is. This goes beyond transport to encompass what goes into growing, preparing and packaging – as well as shipping – the food. It’s great that we’re becoming more and more aware of these issues, but it does lead to all sorts of questions: Can I eat more chicken if I don’t eat lamb? If I want to keep eating sausages,... Read More ››

A Splendid Day Visit for Steiner School Students

We had a great visit from the Steiner Academy in Hereford today. With a strong focus on teaching for sustainability, the school practices what it preaches by generating its own electricity on-site using photovoltaic panels. They also have a wood chip boiler for under-floor heating in the classrooms. Core to the school’s ethos is bringing nature into the classroom, supporting creativity in students and promoting respect. During a tour of the CAT site by Ann, a member of our... Read More ››

Whose Larder?

Building on the land-use and diets part of Zero Carbon Britain, Laura Blake, a food and diets researcher at CAT, has embarked upon an exciting new project, tentatively titled ‘Laura’s Larder’. In the first of a new series of blog posts, she explains the importance of thinking holistically about our food. “Whilst working here at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), I have been doing some research into the environmental and health implications of our diets. This work was primarily... Read More ››

Education Blog- The school you wish you went to

GreenSchool is the largest free standing bamboo structure, and the green-est; off-grid school there is, it is somewhere I certainly wish I had attended.   A stuffy classroom in the middle of the city, freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer is no kids idea of fun. However, founder John Hardey, after contemplating these problems has built one-of-a-kind school using natural materials and building methods. Although the climate is a world away from that of the UK, the school... Read More ››

ZCBlog: Does coal have a role in reducing emissions?

Coal use for electricity production today Currently in the UK, around 80% of all our annual greenhouse gas emissions come from producing and using energy. Burning coal, gas and oil emits carbon dioxide (CO2) and contributes to climate change. Together, these fuels provide around 90% of the UK’s primary energy supply. Some of these fossil fuels are used directly – petrol and diesel (oil) in our vehicles for example; but some are burnt to produce the electricity we use.... Read More ››

A week learning about sustainable living services

Last week I arrived at CAT for my six month volunteer placement. I immediately went along to the Sustainable Building Services module, part of  the AEES Masters at CAT, but it is also offered as a Short Course. The course offers a theoretical look at how we can save energy, use it wisely and build/retrofit buildings by appropriately managing their ventilation and water systems. ~Day 1 ~ Frances Hill, the module leader, started with ventilation techniques showing innovative ways to... Read More ››

ZCBlog: Penrith Action for Community Transition

Paul Allen, ZCB Research Co-ordinator giving a talk to Penrith Action for Community Transition last weekend.   Read More ››

From West Wales to East Africa

Nick Jeffries, Renewable Energy and the Built Environment alumnus, talks about his life since graduating from CAT’s Graduate School of the Environment. You can read Nick’s previous post whilst a student at CAT here.  In October 2009, I sat down to write my first assignment as a new student on the REBE course at CAT. For this first essay, I asked the question: ‘Can renewable energy turbocharge international development and poverty reduction?’. This became the theme that thread its... Read More ››

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    this youtube is so out of date – yep in 3 years it has all changed. Feed in Tariff is half of that, systems cost a lot less than £10k, nearer 5k,

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    These sort of blogs is really informative for students who wanted to know about those past events that took place. This would help them a lot particularly in knowing some of those information that they might apply into their studies.