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Student Blog: Wonderful weeks of wind in wet west Wales!

A bit late I know, but better late than never I guess?? A couple of weeks ago I was back at CAT For the second week of the REBE wind power module. This covers large scale commercial wind development, rather than the smaller scale wind module that I will be attending later this year. The two weeks have been thoroughly enjoyable and extremely interesting. Before the course, wind power was my main interest, alongside hydro, so I had been... Read More ››

4th International Hemp and Lime Conference

CAT will be hosting the 4th International Hemp Building Symposium on the 9th 10th April. The venue for the symposium is on of the most ambitious hemp and lime buildings in the UK, the WISE building at CAT. The two day event promises to be a most inspiring experience with talks from leading experts and builders in the industry divulging into discussions about the future of hemp industries. Hemp itself is crop useful in adapting to climate change and can be... Read More ››

Help us ensure adapting to climate change doesn’t make the problem worse

Changing Planet The other morning I cycled past a beautiful ancient oak tree, ripped from the earth in last month’s violent storms. The newspapers have been full of images of devastation from the flooded Somerset Levels. Overseas, we’ve seen extreme snow in the US, bushfires in Australia and a tropical cyclone killing 5,700 people in the Philippines. Finally, people all over the world are waking up to the probability that climate change isn’t some abstract future threat: it is... Read More ››

Could you be our next Media and Marketing Volunteer?

We have a position available to join CAT’s vibrant media and marketing department. It is a chance to develop a broad range of skills including writing, film making, photography, social media, interviewing, research and marketing skills. Robyn is just coming to the end of her placement, so what has her experience been like?  Scroll down for more details and to apply.  I’ve been working in the media and marketing department for 5 months and the time has unfortunately come... Read More ››

Starting a career in renewable energy

Dan Halahan, a graduate from the MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment course at CAT, tells about how he completed his MSc alongside getting a job working for DULAS, a local engineering firm that started as a spin-off from CAT. Dan examining a PV panel on the solar roof at CAT After finishing a BSc in Physics, I looked to pursue my interest in renewable technology. I volunteered for 6 months in the engineering department at CAT with... Read More ››

Lines Drawn: A weekend to shake up architectural education

The Centre for Alternative Technology & the Architecture Students Network (ASN) presents Lines Drawn, an exciting event on the future of architectural education. The conference will start off at 12 noon on Saturday the 15th and end 2 pm 16th of March 2014. It promises to be a memorable occasion and is set in the stunning WISE building at CAT. The debate will center around changes to the architectural education system in line with a new EU directive.  It will discuss... Read More ››

Losing yourself in Woodland Management

Last week a small group of enthusiastic woodland women and men learnt many of the skills needed for managing and sustaining woodlands. The week-long course involves some classroom time, but predominantly takes place outside in the woods, here on site and in other nearby woodland projects. The course will run again this year from the 27th – 31st Oct 2014, so don’t miss it. This course covers both practical and theoretical aspects of managing a small wood, using as an example... Read More ››

Biomass module packed with site visits – Student Story

Dom Busher, a student currently taking our MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment comments on the varied and in-depth biomass module that he recently attended. “A broad overview of a massive area, and a very in-depth practical outcome. Over two visits to CAT we covered everything from biogas buses to chimney design and coppicing. We carried out detailed studies of a domestic and a commercial building to design a suitable biomass heating system, calculating passive gains, heat loads based... Read More ››

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    These sort of blogs is really informative for students who wanted to know about those past events that took place. This would help them a lot particularly in knowing some of those information that they might apply into their studies.

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