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ZCBlog: Wind, the Liberal Democrats and Nuclear

In a disappointing U-turn for the party masquerading as ‘green’, this Saturday the Liberal Democrats voted to drop their longstanding opposition to nuclear energy. Paul and Danielle from Zero Carbon Britain say of the decision: “It is deeply concerning that a political party manifesting as ‘green’ would take such a regressive stance on nuclear, while the case for investment in renewables continues to build in terms of safety, local job creation and rising to the challenge of climate change.... Read More ››

Green New Deal: a new report and the route to zero carbon Britain?

Today sees the launch of the latest report from the Green New Deal Group: A National Plan for the UK, and a strategy to kick-start the nation into the age of the ‘Green New Deal’. Unveiled on the 5th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse, the plan is designed to fundamentally transform a still-broken financial system and reduce the deficit, while revamping the UK’s aging infrastructure to meet a range of environmental and social challenges. Rising to the challenges of... Read More ››

BBC Energy Day – Tobi’s Perspective

Thursday 5th September this year was the BBC’s ‘Energy Day’. BBC Radio 5 Live was powered entirely by renewables throughout the day as they hosted debates on and around the theme of energy. Tobi Kellner, one of CAT’s renewable technology experts, was on hand during the 5 Live breakfast programme to provide an expert opinion on Zero Carbon Britain and the future… When I got off the tram at Salford’s MediaCity UK at shortly after 8am, I was a... Read More ››

Solar, Wind and Hydro: a REBE Student’s Experiences at CAT

Julian is a former student on the MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment course at CAT. Here he explains why he decided to study for a Masters and what made CAT so appealing.  I joined the MSc REBE course at CAT in September 2010 and studied on a part time basis, culminating with the hand in of my thesis in January 2013. Happily I passed with a merit. I found CAT both challenging and fun. The background of... Read More ››

A Winter’s Tale at CAT

Not the Shakespeare play, but instead a lovely video about our students on the Renewable Energy and the Built Environment (REBE) Masters at CAT.   Read More ››

Gaining a Global Perspective – Studying for a Masters by Distance Learning

A lot of CAT’s work in the past has focused on local and community-based work for sustainable living and renewable energy. Climate change, however, is an international problem and CAT’s research has attracted global interest. As well as being able to study for an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies (AEES) at CAT, the course can also be studied remotely. This means that students around the world can learn about the challenges we currently face whilst living in... Read More ››

Talking about the Graduate School of the Environment

The Centre for Alternative Technology has always aimed to educate people. As our tagline states, we want to ‘inform, inspire and enable’ people to live sustainable lives. At CAT this happens in many different ways, from interactive displays as part of our visitor centre to our Zero Carbon Britain report. Since CAT started 40 years ago people have visited us to find out more about renewable technology and low-impact living. Like everything at our site in mid-Wales, the educational aspect of the... Read More ››

Exhibition of Work by CAT’s Artist in Residence

“Nature in the twenty-first century will be a nature that we make” - Daniel B. Botkin In 2012 Daniel May was CAT’s Artist in Residence, sponsored by Arts Council Wales. The work he created during his residency is currently on display as part of the visitor circuit. The project’s theme was motivated initially by the artificial shapes we now see all around us in-amongst the natural world. As Daniel explains: “On arrival at the Centre for Alternative Technology what affected... Read More ››

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