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10 ways we can reclaim our energy supply

Would you like to live in a zero carbon future, where a whole new approach to energy has delivered benefits not just for the planet, but also for people and communities? Rethinking how we access the energy we need is a key challenge as we work to build a zero carbon future. Changing our approach to the production and ownership of energy — who generates it, and who profits — could have many wider benefits, including for people and communities that could benefit... Read More ››

Join CAT volunteers in our woodlands and gardens

CAT volunteer EunKyung Shin (pictured below, axe in hand) has been helping in our woodlands since the winter. Here she recounts the challenges and joys of getting to grips with woodland management. Choosing to be a woodland volunteer can be a bit of a tough decision to make. It’s not always easy cutting, pruning and coppicing trees in traditional ways, using body power alone, using sharp and heavy tools. I still remember the feeling when I first heard the... Read More ››

Micro yet Mighty – Easter at CAT

At CAT this Easter we are celebrating all things Micro Yet Mighty, 8th – 23rd April. This Easter holiday, we invite you and your family to re-discover the overlooked, marvel at the miniscule and explore the world in close-up. Shifting our perspective back to how it was when we were small enables us to re-discover the world in detail and make new connections with the complex environments that we belong to. At CAT this Easter, we invite you to... Read More ››

Zero Carbon Wales on the agenda for AMs

Today we launch our new report, Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen, at a special event in the National Assembly for Wales. Sponsored by Mid and West AM Simon Thomas and involving representatives from across the political spectrum, the event is a platform for Assembly Members to explore how Wales can rise to the climate challenge. In the climate agreement reached in Paris in December 2015, global leaders committed to keeping global temperature rises to 1.5 to 2 degrees... Read More ››

Welsh nature and beyond – nature discovery talks at CAT

This April a series of talks at CAT will take you on a journey from ancient Welsh woodland to the Amazon rainforest and beyond.  On Wednesday 5th April we start our programme of evening talks with Adam Thorogood from the Woodland Trust. It takes many centuries to develop the rich, complex and irreplaceable ecosystems found within our ancient woodland but now this precious habitat covers just 2% of the UK. Adam will talk audiences through the essential work being... Read More ››

Building for a zero carbon future

Would you like to live or work in a warm, draft free, healthy space that is easy and cost effective to heat? Transforming our leaky buildings to make them clean, green, healthy and affordable to heat is a big project, but we have all the knowledge and tools we need to do it – and it offers us many additional benefits. Here is a selection of good ideas on how we can transform our existing buildings and build new... Read More ››

Creating a zero carbon transport system

Would you like to be able to walk and cycle more easily and safely? To breathe clean air and enjoy a reliable, affordable public transport system?     Transforming our transport system from one that is highly polluting and heavily reliant on fossil fuels into one that is clean, green, reliable and affordable is a challenge, but it can be done. Here is a selection of ideas on how we can create a better transport system that’s not only... Read More ››

A food system fit for a zero carbon future

Can you imagine a future where our diets are healthier, more varied and sustainable?     Reforming our high carbon, low quality food system will be a complex challenge, but it is possible. Here are a selection of ideas on how we can create a better food system that’s not only healthier for us all, but is compatible with a zero carbon future. This is the first in a series of articles drawn from CAT’s new report, Zero Carbon... Read More ››

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