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Reflections on the ZCB Launch

It was a very hot Tuesday – temperatures were soaring across London. The Jubilee room of the House of Commons, Westminster was packed to capacity with an expectant crowd. Following a press launch in the morning, the formal parliamentary launch of Zero Carbon Britain – Rethinking the Future took place at the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group. Opening presentations set the scene; the first from Sir John Houghton the former co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change... Read More ››

The launch of the third Zero Carbon Britain report – told through updates on the day

Throughout the launch day yesterday the ZCB team were busy tweeting and updating to Facebook. In case you missed it, we made a Storify of the events. The Zero Carbon Britain team would like to say a big thank you to all the supporters and contributors who made this report happen. The work continues (some might say it is only just beginning!) as we enter into the communications phase of the project.   [View the story "'Zero Carbon Britain:... Read More ››

Launch day of Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future

Launch day is here at last! Zero Carbon Britain – Rethinking the Future will be presented to the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group in Westminster. The key messages the report include: By combining a smart approach to diet, building, energy and land-use it is possible to rapidly reduce emissions to net zero by 2030. Smart demand management and intelligent use of surplus electricity in combination with carbon neutral synthetic gas and liquid fuels means we can ensure energy supplies... Read More ››

Tea, Cake and Congratulations for a CAT Volunteer

Eleanor Morgan, CAT’s longest-serving volunteer, has been been awarded a Highly Commended Award at this year’s Wales Volunteer of the Year Awards. Eleanor lives in Machynlleth and has been volunteering at CAT for over 14 years. She used to work in the Education Department in the mornings and she now works one afternoon a week in the Fundraising and Membership Department. When Eleanor found out about her nomination she was thrilled: “I was gobsmacked, I was surprised and really... Read More ››

ZCB: four days from the launch…

There is a growing sense of anticipation and excitement amongst everyone here at CAT as the launch of our new report Zero Carbon Britain – Rethinking the Future is now only a few days away. The most recent climate science calls for reducing greenhouse emissions at a much faster rate than anything currently on offer from the mainstream – a challenge for our society and our democracy, every bit as much as it is for our technology. The new... Read More ››

Bridging the Gap Between Today and the Zero Carbon Britain of the Future

Next week, on the 16th July, the Centre for Alternative Technology will be launching its third Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) report. Since the last ZCB report was published in 2010, the economic situation has worsened, international negotiations on climate change have stalled, and yet the evidence from the climate science is more pressing than ever. The new report – Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future, gives us the detailed research needed to fully answer some of the key questions... Read More ››

Creating a Pond at Coed Gwern

Jony Easterby, an Artist in Residence at CAT, has been working on creating a pond over at Coed Gwern – CAT’s mixed woodland. His blog, first posted here, charts the development of the pond up to early summer. I thought I would start by up putting a quick sneak preview of the work I have been doing as part of my Leverhulme Fellowship artist in residence up at CAT. I have been working on and off between other projects... Read More ››

Statement from the Centre for Alternative Technology on the Recent Announcement Regarding the CAT Plc

Statement from Centre for Alternative Technology on the recent announcement that CAT Plc is undergoing a creditor voluntary liquidation process. The Centre for Alternative Technology is divided into two separate legal companies; CAT Charity Ltd and CAT Plc. a.       CAT Charity Ltd, the original organisation that was set up in 1974, is an educational and sustainable development charity, committed to informing, inspiring and enabling practical solutions for sustainable living and is governed by an independent Board of Trustees. b.... Read More ››

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