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New Skills in 2014: Grow your own Food

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New Skills for a New Future: Short Courses for 2014

Podcast: What has nature ever done for us?

As more and more rainforests are chopped down, peat lands drained and species wiped out, we ask ourselves: ‘What has nature ever done for us?’ We live in an economically run world, where the immediate returns and profits are the most important outcome, so how can we turn this around? Tony Juniper was a guest lecturer last week talking about his new book, What has nature ever done for us? He explains that ‘we need to protect nature from... Read More ››

Low Carbon Living: Festive Nut Roast

Using calculations being developed for Laura’s Larder, we’ve created a low-carbon Christmas feast. Last week we posted the starter: Root Vegetable Rösti with Parsley Pesto Hummous. This week’s blog is dedicated to our low-carbon main course: a Festive Nut Roast. A vegetarian staple around this time of year, our nut roast is packed full of tasty nuts and vegetables. Next week, we’ll post the final course in this festive meal – the dessert (yum)! Festive Nut Roast Serves 8... Read More ››

Please donate to our ‘Gardening for the Future’ campaign

In light of this week’s conference in Turkey we urge supporters to donate to our ‘Gardening for the Future’ campaign at CAT.  Hosted by the IPBES (Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecological Services), the talks focus on the value of soil and the revival of less intensive, ancient farming techniques which have been proven much more sustainable – many of which are taught here on site. At CAT we know all too well the devastating effects that climate change... Read More ››

A day in the life of an architecture student at CAT

The Friday of the November module was a very busy day for the Prof Dip students, with a long awaited field trip and a rather unusual social event in the evening… The day started with breakfast together in the restaurant – for those who could drag themselves out of bed, of course! A little later, we arrived at Portmeirion – the first stop on our field trip. Portmeirion is about an hour’s drive from CAT, near the town of... Read More ››

New Skills in 2014 – Hedgelaying and Restoration

We have a host of exciting new short courses taking place at CAT in the new year, so if you fancy learning something new in 2014 then what about the traditional art of hedgelaying? Our weekend course on Hedgelaying and Restoration will run between the 31st January and the 2nd of February 2014. Why is this skill so important? The course involves both theoretical and practical learning onsite at CAT with Rob Goodsell. Students will learn about different types of hedges, the... Read More ››

Low Carbon Living: Root Vegetable Rösti with Parsley Pesto Hummous

Using calculations being developed for Laura’s Larder, we’ve created a low-carbon Christmas feast. Over the next three weeks we’ll be posting a starter (below), main course and dessert for you to enjoy. Root Vegetable Rösti Serves 8 as a starter Ingredients 2 large potatoes 2 parsnips 2 small onions 1 sweet potato 2 beetroot (ours were chioggia, a beetroot variation with a very distinctive striped pattern) 150g gram (chickpea) flour 2 tbsp cumin seeds ½ tsp salt Oil for frying... Read More ››

Laura’s Larder: thinking about the greenhouse gas emissions connected to our food

Nowadays, many people think about the impact their food has on the environment, as well as how healthy it is. This goes beyond transport to encompass what goes into growing, preparing and packaging – as well as shipping – the food. It’s great that we’re becoming more and more aware of these issues, but it does lead to all sorts of questions: Can I eat more chicken if I don’t eat lamb? If I want to keep eating sausages,... Read More ››

A Splendid Day Visit for Steiner School Students

We had a great visit from the Steiner Academy in Hereford today. With a strong focus on teaching for sustainability, the school practices what it preaches by generating its own electricity on-site using photovoltaic panels. They also have a wood chip boiler for under-floor heating in the classrooms. Core to the school’s ethos is bringing nature into the classroom, supporting creativity in students and promoting respect. During a tour of the CAT site by Ann, a member of our... Read More ››

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