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2015: A crucial year for our changing planet

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Transition People, Transformation People

Helen Kennedy, a student on CAT’s new MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation masters course reflects on her experience of the first module. A fortnight ago, I was preparing for my first week away, holidays discounted, for many years. I’ve been 22 years out of my own academia, and 22 years in the world of education as a teacher. Certainly, my career involved the odd training day, but as educational policy changed, so did the nature of these training days, and... Read More ››

5 signs you should come to this year’s CAT conference

1. You’d like to make a difference at home or in your community 2. You want to connect with other active and knowledgeable members 3. You’re concerned about fracking and other fuel exploration in the UK 4. You’d like a chance to explore our woodlands, gardens and original quarry 5. You’re keen to learn, share, debate, network, eat, drink and dance in beautiful, autumnal mid-Wales   Special guest speakers include: Andy Rowell is an award-winning writer and investigative journalist... Read More ››

Free teacher training – Energy today and tomorrow

Education for sustainable energy – free teacher training 28 October 2014 at the Centre for Alternative Technology (with an option to stay overnight 27th to 29th).  “Excellent day! Lots of ideas to take away” Ysgol Tywyn June 20th 2014 Get activity ideas for bringing global issues into the classroom on a free one day course. Aimed at teachers and trainees at secondary level, the course focuses on energy and sustainable futures. It is mainly delivered through interactive activities, backed up with... Read More ››

Response to David Cameron’s New York climate change speech

Alice Hooker-Stroud, researcher on the Zero Carbon Britain report, who spoke at the Peoples Climate March on Sunday, responded to David Cameron’s speech to the UN Climate Summit in New York today. She said: “David Cameron could have, but failed, to deliver a commitment to reach zero carbon emissions – an achievable and necessary target for the UK. He talked about raising the global ambition but failed to take on the UK’s responsibility in doing so. Instead, he implied... Read More ››

Woodland volunteering placement opportunity

Six month volunteer placement This is Gareth. He has just finished six months as volunteer in our woodland. He learned a lot about social forestry, green woodworking and woodland management. We have a position available for a new volunteer, starting in October. We would love you to join us to help manage our woodland through the winter season. Gareth said: ‘volunteering in the woodland department was an incredibly rewarding experience… Hard physical work, but in beautiful surroundings, learning practical... Read More ››

Eco Refurbishment course teaches practical skills to do it yourself

Our popular eco-refurbishment course this month brought together a team of people keen to learn about improving buildings in a sustainable way. Some on the course wanted to make improvements to their homes, others were builders taking the course as part of their professional development. The course was led by Nick Parsons, who has worked for over 25 years in renewable energy, sustainable building and eco-retrofit. This is a really practical course, ideal for anyone who is planning to... Read More ››

Change by choice, not by force; CAT at the People’s Climate March

On the 21st of September hundreds of thousands of people came together across the globe to put pressure on world leaders gathering in New York for a UN summit on climate change on Tuesday.  In London numbers topped 40,000,  amongst them, CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain Team and friends. Whilst in New York more than  310,000 marchers took to the streets making it officially the biggest climate march ever. As events go it was pretty big for CAT with Alice Hooker Stroud giving an inspiring speech... Read More ››

CAT archivists nominated for digital preservation awards

The work of  Aberystwyth students, Kerry Evan, Ann Macdonald and Sarah Vaughan  on the CAT archive project Voices from a Disused Quarry  has been shortlisted for a prestigious digital preservation award. The DPC Award for the Most Distinguished Student Work in Digital Preservation celebrates impressive work by any student which lowers the barriers to digital preservation. It is presented to the student that, in the eyes of the judges, has produced an essay, course work, project report, dissertation or... Read More ››

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