A low carbon pathway for Wales – Centre for Alternative Technology reaction

Responding to the Welsh Government’s consultation on low carbon pathways for Wales, the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) welcomes the commitment to action on climate change, but calls for more ambitious targets.

CAT Chief Executive Adrian Ramsay said:

“If we are to stay within the internationally agreed ‘safe’ limit of 2 degrees C global temperature rise above post-industrial levels – and to aim to keep within 1.5 degrees – we must reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions globally by 2050.

“CAT’s ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ research has shown how this can be done using technology available today – without relying on the promise of future technologies and without investing in new nuclear.

“Wales can show global leadership by setting a target of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions before mid-century. To achieve this, action is needed across all sectors.

“CAT welcomes the cross-sector approach taken by the Welsh Government in the low carbon pathways proposals, and supports plans for increasing electricity from renewables, retrofitting Wales’s existing housing stock to make it more energy efficient, and expanding woodland cover.

“Amongst the other measures we would recommend are improvements to public transport, bold action on emissions from agriculture, and the development of a carbon literacy programme for everyone who works, lives or studies in Wales. We welcome Welsh Government’s commitment to equipping people and businesses with the skills needed for the transition to a low carbon economy.”

View the Centre for Alternative Technology’s full response to the consultation.