Congratulations to CAT’s Architecture prof dips!

After 18 months of intensive study and hard work CAT’s 5th year Architecture Professional Diploma students laid out their final projects for us all to see.

Transforming their classrooms the students created sleek exhibition spaces to show off their detailed plans and intricate models. 

The event began mid-afternoon when the student’s families and friends and VIP’s from the industry arrived for the private viewing of the work. The students themselves were on-hand to guide guests through their unique visions.

Later that evening the exhibition was opened up to CAT staff, students and the public who were blown away but the how “professional, sleek and well curated” the exhibition was and the “quality, imagination and passion of the projects”.

VIP guest Dieter Brandstätter said that he was “very pleased to have the opportunity to both see the work and speak with the students about their final projects” and that “it has been a privilege to watch these talented students evolve together over the course of their studies.”

With live music from two fantastic Welsh bands the event was a real celebration of local talent. Many of the 5th year students have since been contacted by architecture practices expressing an interest in working with them so overall CAT’s Architecture Professional Diploma exhibition was a brilliant success.
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