CAT responds to cuts to the Feed in Tariff

Statement from Adrian Ramsay, CEO of the Centre for Alternative Technology, in response to government cuts to support for renewable energy

“With the ink barely dry on the historic deal to keep global temperature rise well below 2 degrees C, the UK government has this week shown just how meaningless the agreement could become.

“Today’s announcement of substantial cuts to the Feed in Tariff threatens the UK’s ability to provide a clean and resilient energy supply, risking locking us into an energy system reliant on polluting fossil fuels, and wiping out thousands of jobs in the renewables industry.

“With these changes being announced just one day after MPs voted to allow fracking under National Parks, the direction of travel of UK government policy is clear – and it’s not towards a safe climate future.

“The science is clear – we must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions if we are to avoid dangerous climate change. The technology is available – CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research has shown that we can reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions using technology available today. What’s needed is the political will. The deal agreed in Paris signalled that the world’s governments are finally acknowledging the urgency of the problem – now they need to make their policy match their rhetoric.”

  • doc

    Do YOU really think any Tory actually cares about this.?

    • James Pocklington

      Yes a few..but scepticism about the capacity of renewable energy to power the UK is not unique to the Conservative party. The anti-renewable, pro fossil fuel lobby is powerful and alarmingly for them, facing serious challenges, so don’t expect them to give up easily.

  • Val Brooker

    I think global warming is typically being confused with global pollution for one political reason or another.. The two subjects are completely unrelated seeing as it’s the sun that forces global temperatures, not pollution.

    • doc


      • Val Brooker

        Yes you are, I agree.