Shipping and Aviation emissions excluded from latest draft of climate agreement

The Centre for Alternative Technology calls on UN negotiators to include shipping and aviation emissions in the climate agreement.
With less than 24 hours to go until the close of the UNFCCC climate talks in Paris, a paragraph referriinternational-shipping-emissions-webng to emissions reductions in shipping and aviation has been omitted from the latest draft of the climate agreement.

Adrian Ramsay, CEO of the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), said: “Any deal coming out of Paris must include shipping and aviation. These currently account for 5% of global carbon emissions and if not included in the agreement we could see continued large growth in these emissions which will undermine efforts to reduce emissions elsewhere.  CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain project has shown that it is possible to get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions using technology available today, but this requires an integrated approach covering all sectors.

“Emission reduction targets for international aviation and shipping need to be urgently agreed so that these sectors can begin to contribute to the objective of avoiding a temperature increase of more than 1.5 degrees.”Global-aircraft-fuel-burn-web

Tweet the . at #COP21 and tell them to reintroduce  shipping and aviation emissions into the climate agreement.