Renewables Event 2014 at Birmingham NEC

Paul Allen, project leader of CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain project has been asked to join a panel discussion at “The Renewables Event” at the Birmingham NEC, 10.30 – 11:15 on 17th September. The session is titled Panel discussion: Supporting the growth of renewable energy in business – realising its value through onsite implementation.

The other panellists include: Dave Sowden, Chief Executive, Sustainable Energy Association, Andrew Dayus, Head of Renewable Operations, Opus Energy

“I feel it is important we have an open discussion about how we can raise awareness of the value of renewable energy technology in dealing with our 21st century challenges. It is now over 5 years since the world’s political leaders publicly committed us at the Copenhagen Summit to keep global temperatures below 2°C. We need to radically increase investment in renewable energy, not only financially, but also emotionally. I am pleased to represent CAT at the Renewables Event – entry is free and it plays an important role informing people about the latest technologies and renewable energy solutions. Register at




  • Agnes Bruckner

    I think its important to aware people about the renewable resources of energy. As you have discussed above about Copenhagen Summit, I think such programs are quite potent to aware people. For more details check out