Podcast: What has nature ever done for us?

As more and more rainforests are chopped down, peat lands drained and species wiped out, we ask ourselves: ‘What has nature ever done for us?’ We live in an economically run world, where the immediate returns and profits are the most important outcome, so how can we turn this around?

Tony Junipers Book, 'What has nature ever done for us?'
Tony Junipers Book, ‘What has nature ever done for us?’

Tony Juniper was a guest lecturer last week talking about his new book, What has nature ever done for us? He explains that ‘we need to protect nature from people, not the other way around’, and that we need to convince people to think differently, change, and see that nature has the highest value of all. Instead of believing we must sacrifice ecology in order to grow the economy, which is the current paradigm, we must realise that the economy cannot exist without ecology. Tony is a well-known British environmentalist, writer, campaigner and sustainability advisor. He also ran as a candidate for the Green Party in Cambridge in the 2010 General Campaign. The solution he puts forward is to see nature for what it really is: a controller of disease, a recycler of waste, and a mighty carbon capture and storage system; ‘If we get that message, we might yet save ourselves’.

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