Tea, Cake and Congratulations for a CAT Volunteer

Eleanor Morgan, CAT’s longest-serving volunteer, has been been awarded a Highly Commended Award at this year’s Wales Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Eleanor lives in Machynlleth and has been volunteering at CAT for over 14 years. She used to work in the Education Department in the mornings and she now works one afternoon a week in the Fundraising and Membership Department.

The Presentation Ceremony in Tea Chest

When Eleanor found out about her nomination she was thrilled: “I was gobsmacked, I was surprised and really happy”. Sally Carr, who works in Fundraising at CAT said that nominating Eleanor was an obvious choice: “when I was thinking who I felt deserved to be recognised for all that they had contributed, the first person who came to mind was Eleanor. She is kind, friendly and always eager to help”

Last week a small ceremony was held up at CAT. Eleanor was presented with her certificate and there was tea and cake afterwards.


Volunteers are hugely important to CAT and Eleanor’s dedication to the organisation is wonderful to see. As well as providing a fantastic inspiration for everybody with her willingness to get stuck in, she is also a tremendous role model for others with Down’s Syndrome. She takes pride in what she does and likes to let others know what she has been able to achieve.

Since receiving the award Eleanor has been working with even more enthusiasm: “I just love it. I like working with the people in the office, it’s brilliant”.