Reflections from our Long Term Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital part at CAT, helping in a variety of departments and gaining useful skills. As CAT is currently recruiting for the next round of Long Term Volunteers (LTVs), we interviewed some of our current volunteers to find out what they have most enjoyed about their time at CAT.

More information about the current volunteering vacancies can be found here. We’re recruiting on a rolling basis.

From left to right: Burhan, Roisin, Inigo, Rachel, Drew, Riccardo and Fabienne

Fabienne – Water and Natural Resources

I’m learning lots of things every single day about woodland management and biodiversity and about other people’s skills. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

Burhan – Natural Building Materials

It’s a great working environment, I think I couldn’t find better and the people are very sociable.

Roisín- Water and Natural Resources

You meet people from lots of different places, different backgrounds, with different skill sets who come together to work on something jointly. Some of those people might have lots of experience and lots of skills and others might have none, but they come together to learn new things and all work towards the same common goal.

Iñigo- Water and Natural Resources

I like being involved in the woodland and working outside, being in contact with nature through the work that we are doing and trying to preserve biodiversity. I think it’s a great experience to have and to take some skills and to develop a different view of what you can do with them, and to improve sustainability and to be a change maker in some way.

Drew – Gardens

I love the fact that you can come here with very little knowledge of a certain type of work, gardening, for instance, and you get so much knowledge out of it fulfilment, and you feel like you can go on and do something else now, take it further. And it’s a really friendly atmosphere, full of a lot of very supportive people.

Rachel – Natural Building Materials

I’ve gained some really interesting knowledge of building physics and learnt quite a lot about climate change and architecture. I’ve been part of a really interesting community of volunteers who are all really lovely and who all bring something different.

Riccardo – Site Maintenance

There are all these interesting people who pop out of the woodwork and come to do courses. They’re always really keen to talk to you and to share their knowledge and that’s great.

Richard (not pictured) – Media and Marketing

I chose to volunteer at CAT so that I could learn new skills whilst promoting a cause I felt strongly about in a collaborative, holistic environment. It’s been an unforgettable experience that I will take it with me for the rest of my life!

Steve (not pictured) – Gardens

For me, it’s about learning relevant skills that are going to be useful in the future, It’s a nice place to work and everyone’s friendly.


  • Nuria

    CAT is a great place in winter, but it seems it is even better in summer!

    Hi to those who I met there 😉