Interested in learning about sustainable woodland management?


At CAT, our biology and natural resources team manage 20 acres of woodland – at the CAT site and at Coed Gwern, nearby. We also run a range of courses designed to teach you the skills you need to sustainably manage a woodland, or to develop traditional skills such as willow weaving and blacksmithing.

This video gives a taste of what it’s like to learn skills in woodland management at CAT. Book now for our first course in sustainable woodland management of the year, beginning on the 25th of February.



Here’s what’s on offer in CAT’s woodland in 2013:

Greenwood crafts

Willow Basket Making

Charcoal and Biochar

Introduction to Rustic Chairs

Sustainable Woodland Management

Introduction to Horse Logging

Tools for Greenwood Crafts

Willow Sculptures

Traditional Blacksmith Skills

Coracle Making

Hedgerow Herbalism

Earth Ovens