5 hi-tech eco projects you should know about (but won’t necessarily like)

(Next week – 5 low tech, down-to-earth eco buildings)

1. Masdar
Masdar is an eco city rather than just a building. In spite of its building work being cut short by the economic down turn, Masdar is still probably the largest hi-tech sustainable building project ever. When the project started, TreeHugger magazine put together a panel to discuss whether Masdar represented a genuine step towards sustainability or simply hi-tech greenwash.

The first phase of the project opened this year but some of the green features were scaled back after they proved too expensive.

2. Floating islands

For the optimists among us there is the hope that a legally binding climate deal keeps global warming to below 2 degrees above pre-industrialization levels. For the pessimists there are floating island cities. Some island states threatened by climate change are apparently considering moving to these futuristic alternatives to real land.

3. City Centre Las Vegas

This is everything you’d expect from a Las Vegas building project, except that this development claims to be greener than the rest. Apparently it is a…

…blueprint for the future combining a healthy quality of life with a global commitment to sustainable design.

Decide for yourself.

4. The Eco-Egg sky scraper.

If you like your badly-sited wind turbines encased in a glass tower then you’ll love this.

5. Stackable public transport

Where the urban crush means there is no space to park normal cars perhaps the answer is to make them stackable.

Jenga, anyone?