An unusual traveling companion: and the things it eats in my car

Morning Everyone, There are advantages in driving a battered old car sometimes as it enables you to carry around with you a collection of various wildlife companions. One such passenger is a small (but extremely ferocious) spider, species unkown I’m afraid, which has lived for several weeks now in the driver side wing mirror just behind the glass. Each morning there is a brand new web stretching from the mirror to the door which gradually disintegrates during the day only to be re-built with admirable persistence every night.

The spider in question is slightly smaller than the one shown here

Yesterday morning while driving to work I noticed that a large fly had become entangled in the web and despite the fact that the whole car was shuddering and vibrating (I had reached the amazing speed of around 40mph) the spider sensed the fly’s struggles and appeared from behind the glass, scurried across the web and administered a quick and effective bite which put paid to any aspirations the fly might have had of living to a ripe old age. It was not really advisable to concentrate too hard on this little drama being played out right under my nose whilst also trying to steer the car in a straight line, so I didn’t quite see what happened next but when I glanced again, both fly and spider had disappeared and the web was looking very tattered. This morning the web had again been re-made and the spider (which I have christened Peregrine) was just visible peering out from the corner of the mirror. To be continued — the further adventures of Peregrine the amazing travelling arachnid and also the Thing that lives under the bonnet

  • Dave Unta

    Ha ha, what is it with spiders and car door mirrors? Every car I’ve ever had has had one!!