Architecture students’ blogs on the summer school at CAT

Lisa Karkut.

Today, sadly, is our last day in the studio. Frances Bradshaw and Junko Suetake of Anne Thorne Architects joined our group so it’s been a buzzing hive of design. It’s at a time like this that I know I’ve made the right decision to come back to architecture. It’s been four years since I graduated from the Architectural Science program at Ryerson University in Toronto.

I am really inspired by the environment and the various tutorials I’ve had throughout the past five days. I’m also really excited about my project, which is a Recycling Innovation centre for Dublin. Tomorrow we head out into the woods where my group will begin construction of the base for the bird hide. I hope the rain lets up by then!

Catherine Watton

This is my first ever blog entry, right, here goes…! During the afternoon we worked on a Participatory Design Workshop with Fran and Junko from Anne Thorpe Architects. The short session looked at a project including the site, a brief and range of clients. Fran and Junko took their roles as architects and we each embodied an individual who would be affected by the design such as management, employees and visitors. We discussed our personal perspectives and priorities, which lead to diagramming the programme from our different viewpoints. What did I take from it?…..that listening is such a vital skill within a design process to ensure that you are absorbing the clients viewpoints to inform the design. How often this is done successfully is something to question!

Our evening unfolded with a delicious dinner out in the courtyard, timber building presentations, bat watching and blog writing. All this in the setting of a peaceful red sky over the surrounding mountains. Oh yes, I ought to add I’m Catherine and this is a fantastic place to study!