Singapore school pupils come to CAT to learn about suistanable buildings

Last week, we had a big group of girls from Raffles school in Singapore. The school had booked four teaching sessions with us as well as having time to look around the centre and have lunch in the restaurant.

I led one of the sessions which was about the buildings at CAT. First I took them to see the new WISE building, which they were really interested in and asked lots of intelligent questions. Then I split them into four groups to go off and investigate different buildings on the CAT site using resource packs I had put together along with the displays around the site and the buildings themselves. They each had a number of questions they needed to answer, then at the end of the session we came back together and were collectively able to tell the architectural history of CAT by presenting back on each building in chronological order; pulling out the features that had been included in each building as well as the lessons CAT learned to incorporate into the next building.

It was a great day and the girls were a delight to teach. Hopefully we will see the school again next year.