Bumpy Feathered Love

The middle of March and love has been in the air recently at CAT, with the resident chaffinches seeking out their mating partners, and creating some serious collisions in the process.

This year seems no different to any other, with several unfortunate head-on collisions with the windows resulting in slightly dazed and confused chaffinches. It is amazing what such dainty creatures can withstand, with their hollow (but reinforced) bones; Just imagine how much we would suffer if we went running straight into a brick wall!

Possibly the safest place for this chaffinch
Possibly the safest place for this chaffinch

Hopefully there will be some happy endings to accompany the bumps, and plenty of young chaffinches flying around in the Summer.

For the time being, though, it looks like we will all be practising miniature first aid, making sure these courting sweethearts recover as quickly as possible.

  • Kath

    I have bird of prey sitickers on my windows, there’s evidence these work. An unexpected consequence though was that two magpies dies mobbing them!!!