Julie Jones Art Exhibition at CAT

Julie’s work explores the energy of landscape and nature’s processes through paint. She is particularly interested in wilder places where there may be a closer connection to raw nature, atmosphere and weather, making drawings outside on journeys and walks as starting points for paintings. The act of walking through the landscape becomes a trigger for emotions and personal memories. Wild places can speak to us of the duality of nature – its vulnerability as well as its power. The paintings focus on human traces in the landscape, historic sites, hints of abandoned structures or the form and flow of the land, to reflect the relationship between us and nature, how lives have shaped the earth.

Seen in the location of Centre for Alternative Technology’s ‘Wind Pavillion’, this could create new readings of the paintings in relation to climate change and how we aim to work with nature in order to protect it. julie

Read more about the artist at www.juliejonesart.co.uk