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World’s top environmentalists call on foundations and philanthropists to use their financial power against global warming

160 leading environmentalists from 46 countries today called on foundations and philanthropists to use endowments worth billions of dollars to turn the tide on global warming. The group, all winners of major environmental awards, issued their call to action in an ‘Environmental Laureates’ Declaration on Climate Change’, published in the International New York Times, a week before world leaders arrive in New York for a UN Climate Summit. “We, 160 winners of the world’s environmental prizes, call on foundations and... Read More ››

41 ways in which the Centre for Alternative Technology has changed people’s lives.

We are still celebrating our 40th birthday party.  Following on from our facebook post where loads of people sent in ways in which CAT has inspired them here is a much discussed and edited 41 ways in which CAT has changed people’s lives. 1.  1  Since doors opened  in 1975 over 2 million people have been informed, inspired and enabled at the Centre for Alternative Technology. 2.   2. The early settlers occupied a disused wasteland and through organic gardening... Read More ››

Students from outside the EU can now get 6 month study visa

Following ongoing discussions with the UK home office we can now confirm that people from outside the EU are able to get a 6 month study visa in order to study at CAT. With our blended learning programs that means that students can now study on our Msc Sustainability and Adaptation courses for 6 months on site and then complete the remaining modules and thesis by distance learning. There are also a range of other qualifications including diploma. Patrick Erpaa... Read More ››

The CAT Alumni Conference

  As part of CAT’s 40th birthday celebrations,  CAT is a  hosting a special event just for students and alumni of the Graduate School of the Environment. The conference, from the 18th-19th October will explore the impacts that CAT graduates are having in the environmental field – we’ll learn from each other and discover ways that we can work together to have an even greater impact. The event will also explore  CAT’s current and future work, and look at ways of building the next generation of... Read More ››

Unhealthy, unsustainable diet!? Moi…?

“Well, maybe you do just eat a little bit too much…” said Laura’s (very tactfully!) when I queried her, slightly exasperatedly about my diet once I’d fiddled around with it in Laura’s Larder – the new online tool about healthy and sustainable diets launched today at CAT. The idea is, you fill in what you might eat during a week and then it tells you the nutritional values of your diet – kilocalorie (energy), protein, fats, salts and micronutrients;... Read More ››

The LOOMing Eco Timebomb.

Exploring the loom band craze Its a question that has been bothering me for a while as I watch my son Neru gleefully produce another bracelet for his already covered arm. Surely these things must have an environmental impact. I stuck my head in the sand and got on with enjoying my son’s abundant creativity. The thing is, I work at CAT and eventually the niggly voice took over; this is what I found out. Everywhere you go these... Read More ››

The Centre for Alternative Technology turns 40

This summer, the Centre for Alternative Technology has been celebrating its 40th birthday. On the 26th of July CAT handed over to the National Library of Wales an extensive collection of photos and historical interviews that document the last 40 years at CAT. On the 2nd of August CAT hosted a birthday carnival with speakers, workshops, music and over 1,200 visitors. It was a truly fantastic day. Adrian Ramsey CEO of CAT said “We are delighted with the number... Read More ››

Shampoo: To use or not to use.

Garden and Media department volunteer Nathalie Brandebourger from Paraguay stopped using shampoo a year ago. In this article she talks about why she did, what she learnt and what she does instead. Saying stop to shampoo. My name is Nathalie Brandebourger, and 10 months ago, I said stop to shampoo, it’s been almost a year since I last washed my hair with that chemical cocktail known as shampoo. Why did I say STOP? I’d had enough,  I was washing my... Read More ››

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    this youtube is so out of date – yep in 3 years it has all changed. Feed in Tariff is half of that, systems cost a lot less than £10k, nearer 5k,

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    These sort of blogs is really informative for students who wanted to know about those past events that took place. This would help them a lot particularly in knowing some of those information that they might apply into their studies.