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REBE Alumnus Powering Conservation in the Seychelles

Our MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment provides its students with the knowledge and practical skills to make a positive impact within the world of Renewable Energy. One of our Alumni, Tim Kirkpatrick, is applying the knowledge he developed on the REBE course in the idyllic island setting of the Seychelles. The Seychelles is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, located just south of the equator. With little variance in the length of days and bright... Read More ››

Postgraduate Open Weekend: 17th- 18th May 2014

If you are an avid reader of CAT’s blog you will be well aware of the range of MSc Programmes offered by our Graduate School of the Environment. This May we are offering the opportunity for anybody interested in studying one of our courses, or anyone who wants to know more about the work of the GSE, to come and visit us to find out more about the unique experience of studying at CAT. Based in a stunning setting... Read More ››

Film, slides and tweets from Zero Carbon Britain April event for campaigners

The film from the event: (sound quality improves after the first 6-7 minutes) Slides from the event: Zero Carbon Britain Event (London 9th April 2014): Can renewables keep the lights on? from Centre for Alternative Technology Twitter activity from the event: To download Zero Carbon Britain resources click here Read More ››

Zero Carbon Britain calls for faster emissions reductions in advance of IPCC mitigation report

Leaks from the latest IPCC report from Working Group III, being discussed this week in Berlin suggests it will call for radical emissions reductions globally which will require “large-scale transformations in human societies”. The IPCC will propose a reduction in emissions of 50% (from 2010 levels) by 2030 for developed nations such as the UK. Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) research from the Centre for Alternative Technology shows how it is possible, and desirable, to reach net zero emissions in... Read More ››

Zero Carbon Britain Event 9th April: Join us online here!

On the 9th April, the Zero Carbon Britain team from CAT will be hosting an exciting evening event to present their latest research and practical solutions for a zero carbon future. We’ll be joined by Duncan Clark, Owen Jones and the latest from the IPCC meeting in Berlin that week. Details and registration here: The event will take place in London between 6.30 and 8pm (with drinks and informal discussion until 9pm), but will also be broadcast online for all of those who’d... Read More ››

The IPCC calls for Transformational Adaptation in every community. Now let’s get on with the job.

By Ranyl Rhydwen and Kit Jones Headlines from the IPCC report released today are echoing around the world; climate change is real and affecting all areas of the globe.  If we fail to rise to the challenge the IPCC is clear about the consequences: food and fresh water supply will be threatened, ecosystems will be disrupted, there will be more extreme weather events and health problems will increase. In the context of inequality, climate change will exacerbate poverty, malnutrition... Read More ››

Most deprived areas three times more likely to have been flooded than most well-off – Oxfam GB

A report out by Oxfam this week highlights why it is so important to have a strategy for adaptation to climate change that takes inequality into account and seeks to protect the most vulnerable.  The most deprived English neighbourhoods have been 3.5 times more vulnerable to flooding than the most well-off over the past quarter of a century, Oxfam revealed this week as it calls on governments to take stronger action to protect poor people from climate change. The... Read More ››

Britain’s first ‘fracking village’ shows how to make Zero Carbon Britain a reality

Last year, Balcombe hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Targeted to be first in a new wave of oil and gas drilling, the sleepy West Sussex village found itself in the eye of the national storm surrounding the push for fracking in the UK. This year will be different. Keen to see a positive, practical response to the divisive fracking debate, residents have set up a clean-energy co-op called REPOWERBalcombe. The goal: build enough community-owned solar power... Read More ››

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