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A food system fit for a zero carbon future

Can you imagine a future where our diets are healthier, more varied and sustainable?     Reforming our high carbon, low quality food system will be a complex challenge, but it is possible. Here are a selection of ideas on how we can create a better food system that’s not only healthier for us all, but is compatible with a zero carbon future. This is the first in a series of articles drawn from CAT’s new report, Zero Carbon... Read More ››

Sustainable Building Demonstrations at Ecobuild

This week is Ecobuild – the event of the year for people in the built environment industry who are interested in sustainability. It will be going on 7th-9th March in the Excel Centre in London. CAT will be there on stand G140, showcasing a traditional timber frame srtucture and offering live demonstrations of many of the sustainable building short courses we have on offer. The stand will be a hub for finding out about a range of sustainable building... Read More ››

Introducing Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen

Since the Paris climate agreement, there has been increasing acceptance that we must move towards a zero carbon future, and that we have all the technical solutions to do so. But another question remains: how do we make these changes happen? Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen is a groundbreaking new report which sheds new light on how we can resolve the political, economic and cultural barriers that are preventing the zero carbon transition from becoming a reality. The... Read More ››

Congratulations to CAT’s Architecture prof dips!

After 18 months of intensive study and hard work CAT’s 5th year Architecture Professional Diploma students laid out their final projects for us all to see. Transforming their classrooms the students created sleek exhibition spaces to show off their detailed plans and intricate models. The event began mid-afternoon when the student’s families and friends and VIP’s from the industry arrived for the private viewing of the work. The students themselves were on-hand to guide guests through their unique visions.... Read More ››

Talking renewables at Energy Now Expo

Come and see us at Energy Now Expo – the only renewable energy event for farmers and landowners, taking place in Telford on 8-9 February. Exploring a wide range of technologies, including anaerobic digestion & biogas, biomass, heat pumps, hydro, solar, wind and energy efficiency, it promises to be a very interesting and useful couple of days. CAT will not only have a presence in the exhibition hall alongside 160 other suppliers and providers of renewable energy products and... Read More ››

Waves, weirs and waterwheels – unleashing the power of water

How can we use and manage water in a more sustainable way? CAT volunteer and MSc student Ed Macdonald has been exploring the issues and delving into the detail of hydro power. Born in the year of the water dragon, perhaps my interest in watercourses is to be expected. As a kid in a nearby natural sandpit I was enchanted by flow of the stream, able to bypass attempts to dam it with clay. Fast forward 20 years, I... Read More ››

Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen

It’s now almost ten years since CAT’s first Zero Carbon Britain report was published. Today zero carbon is becoming a much more commonly accepted goal – but we urgently need to make it happen! Paul Allen introduces a new report, due out in spring, that looks at the barriers to getting to zero and how these can be overcome. On 5 October 2016, the threshold number of signatories to the Paris Agreement was achieved, enabling it to enter into... Read More ››

Celebrate with CAT’s architects of the future

CAT’s Architecture Professional Diploma students celebrate the end of their studies with a private view of their work and a party at CAT on 20th January. This unique event invites industry VIPs, students, local people and friends of CAT to view the final projects of these up-and-coming architects after 18 months of intensive study. Transforming study rooms into exhibition spaces their inspirational designs and models will be available to view with the students themselves on-hand to talk guests through... Read More ››

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