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Proposed cuts to Feed in Tariffs are ‘a disaster for the climate’ say experts at CAT

Proposed cuts to Feed in Tariffs are ‘a disaster for the climate’ say experts at CAT The Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme was set up in 2010 to promote small-scale renewables through ensuring householders, communities or businesses are paid a set tariff by electricity suppliers for the power their projects generate. On 27th August, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced a review of the FiT scheme, proposing a set of measures including revised tariffs based on... Read More ››

CAT launches new collaborative climate project: Zero Carbon: Making it happen!

CAT has launched a new research phase of its Zero Carbon Britain project. The next step will draw in expertise from across a wide range of disciplines in order to build a comprehensive body of research around reducing carbon emissions to zero. Paul Allen, Zero Carbon Britain project manager said; “ The climate science couldn’t be clearer – to stabilise the climate system and stay below the globally agreed limit of 2ºC with high certainty, the world needs to move... Read More ››

Interview: Jake’s making renewable energy work for housing associations

Jake Lock started studying MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment in 2012. He has now completed studying all the taught modules on the course and is about to embark on his dissertation. We caught up with him about how studying the course has been useful for him and the housing association he works for. How has studying the course been useful for your career? I work in a housing association development team. I have been working there since... Read More ››

Eco Attractions Group launches the green hands summer challenge

This summer, Tots100 has teamed up with the Eco Attractions Group to inspire you to get out this summer and have fun – that doesn’t cost the earth! Eco Attractions Group is an alliance of leading British visitor attractions with a strong environmental theme. They offer adventure, education and inspiration – helping to connect families with the natural world. Take part in our Green Hands challenge and you could win one of 20 daily prizes, from a wildflower goody bag to... Read More ››

Artist Danny May unveils his new work at CAT

Artist Danny May explains the concept behind his new art work, on display at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Newfangled Spanner ‘This artwork considers the experience of an ordinary person. This person, imagined in a garden shed or toy-room, tries to make sense of the world through his drawings and toy-like assemblages. These hobby ‘projects’ enable him to better cope with and relate to the technological and incomprehensible objects that now surrounds and govern our daily lives’ This project... Read More ››

CAT welcomes our new artist in residence

Working alongside the CAT’s Education Team, Holly Owen is the latest artist in residence at the centre. Through her often-sculptural artistic practice she will be responding to the sustainable themes that are central to CAT’s core mission and using creatively inclusive ways to engage children and young people in art and sustainability. She is keen to explore the multi-skills and disciplines across the centre to inform her environmental and community led practice. Alongside artworks made at CAT Holly will... Read More ››

CAT at Latitude fesitval

The Face your Elephant project is a partnership between CAT, Woodcraft Folk (a youth organisation that empowers young people and are strong on sustainability issues) and de Montfort University. The title was created by young people some years ago, after seeing CAT’s Carbon Gym, where they were introduced to the idea that our carbon emissions weighed the same as two large elephants (now three). The project goes to festivals with a marquee with activities and a group of young... Read More ››

Centre for Alternative Technology unveils new electric van, thanks to renewable electricity company, Good Energy

The environmental charity CAT cut the ribbon today on its new electric vehicle, known as Eve. The Aixam Mega Multitruck is a versatile light commercial vehicle that has a wide range of applications. Designed for short delivery missions, the van is perfect for supporting the work of CAT in the local area. Until recently, electric vehicles were designed only as small passenger cars, but thanks to the advances in technology there are  now an increasing number of vans and... Read More ››

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