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Is the world about to agree on net-zero carbon emissions?

“Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in the message”- “Leaders must act. Time is not on our side.” UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, attending what he described as an “historic” report launch earlier this month.  This week the United Nations has released the most important assessment of global warming yet and warns carbon emissions must be cut sharply and quickly. The report also makes it clear that rather than falling, carbon emissions, mainly from burning coal, oil and... Read More ››

What is it like starting a new masters degree in renewable energy?

Toby Whiting, domestic energy assessor and new student on the MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment course at CAT reports on his introductory week.  Looking back on the introductory half of the first module there has been a lot to take in! Meeting lecturers and other students on the course was re-assuring and surprising; the lecturers all have good levels of knowledge and practical experience (I have paid for some courses in the past where the trainers taught... Read More ››

Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change and what to do about it

George Marshall will be presenting his new book published by Bloomsbury at the Centre for Alternative Technology on the 11th of December at 7pm. The book looks at why, despite the overwhelming evidence, do we still ignore climate change? And what does it need for us to become fully convinced of what we already know? George Marshall’s search for the answers brings him face to face with Nobel Prize-winning psychologists and the activists of the Texas Tea Party; the... Read More ››

The arts can create a cultural shift in our approach to sustainability

A new research report produced by a collaboration between CAT and a number of other organisations in Wales argues that arts have a huge role to play in creating a cultural shift in our approach to climate change and sustainability. The report is officially launched today at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, Wales. It was funded by Arts Council Wales. The report is available as a download in English and Welsh. ‘Culture Shift’ gives an overview of the many... Read More ››

Chris Loyn wins prestigious architecture award

Chris Loyn is a guest lecturer on the Professional Diploma in Architecture course at the Centre for Alternative Technology. His designs for Stormy Castle have just won a Manser medal. Big congratulations to Chris and his practice. Chris has run a drawing practical on CAT’s architecture part II course for several years. The purpose of the practical is to ‘re-value’ the act of drawing by hand as we feel “ design emerges through the graphic rumination of drawings…” so... Read More ››

Meet the Renewable Energy and the Built Environment students….

MEET the new REBE’s ! (Renewable Energy in the Built Environment) Students… Dashing between lectures, I managed to catch a quick word with some of the people studying on the MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment masters at CAT. Who are they, why did they come and what do they want? Charming and professional it seemed like they were in thinking mode and it was only by the skin on my teeth that I (a media and marketing... Read More ››

Zero Carbon Powys

Seven years ago CAT first published a vision for Zero Carbon Britain. Since then our research has developed to the point where we have a technically robust scenario detaining how we could achieve it. The research looks at how we use our land, the mix of renewable sources, food and diets, cutting energy consumption, electrification and balancing supply and demand. This week that vision was made global as even the conservative IPCC said emissions will have to fall to... Read More ››

University Challenge

Calling all students, The BBC TV program  University Challenge is looking for teams for 2015-16. If you are interested in being invovled, or have a good idea who should be contact the CAT media department. A team is made up of 4 people ( plus a reserve member) We can submit as many teams as we like but only 1 team will be chosen for the program.  Nationally around 100 teams apply per year but only 28 get chosen, pre... Read More ››

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